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The Segmenter 101 Project

The Segmenter 101 Project was founded by mint0017 on October 26,2009. 

Due to high demand from the viki users, seg 101 was split into traditional and express programs.

Both programs under the tutelage of mint0017, traditional seg 101 was co-managed by tishafi and express seg101 was co-managed by mihaelagh.

Currently, traditional and express programs have merged together.

Seg 101 is composed of volunteers who are experienced segmenters. 

They share their knowledge through mentoring/tutoring to enable students learn about segmenting.

The segmenter 101 project is part of the Viki community that provides training for volunteers 

who wants to learn how to segment the worldwide dramas and videos available in



animated-penguin-image-0097It is the quality not the quantity of segments.  



To provide the platform that will enable volunteers on Viki to learn about segmenting.

To guide the students to view segmenting from the viewer’s perspective with segments that has accurate, timing, length and cut.

The main goal is to help those who want to contribute by learning segmenting and provide the Viki community with qualified segmenters.




Viki has provided a badge for the graduates of seg 101. 

The badge is awarded to trainee after successfully passing the graduation videos.