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There are a few requirements for the students of Seg 101. These requirements are mainly various forms of communication. 

Training Program Progress Chart

The first task is to create a Training Program Progress Chart on your profile page. This chart not only benefits you in monitoring your progress, but also other staff members of Seg 101. Below is an example of the chart:

Segmenter 101 Training Program Progress Chart

PV1 27-06-2014 06/28/2014 06/28/2014 PASS
PV2 07/09/2014 07/10/2014 07/10/2014 PASS
RPV1 submitted to mentor/tutor for review. 07/13/2014 completed corrections sent to pm to mentor/tutor for review.Awaiting Review

cute_funny_baby_penguin_round_sticker-r6a4fd784d9b94a438c9432d865640e5c_v9waf_8byvr_152Steps To Create The Progress Chart

Go to your Profile Page on viki. Then click Customize Your Profile:


On the page that appears, you will click the table.



Once the table icon is clicked, the following will appear:


You add the number of rows and columns you want in your table.  Then you will click ok.  

Remember to save anything you add to your table.

images (6)Team Discussion Tab

The Team Discussion Tab is another important communication tool. You will use the Team Discussion Tab not only here in Seg 101, but after you graduate and start segmenting for channels on your own.  It is a common protocol of segmenters to post in the Team Discussion Tab, “segmenting ep27 part 2” and “Ep 27 part 2 segmenting completed.”ext are steps you need to do on every RPV you segment. This informs the channel team that part of the episode is ready for subbing. In Seg 101 the Team Discussion Tab is used similarly. The following are the requirements for Seg 101:

The Team Discussion Tab is located on the top left corner on the segment timer page.

Click the Team Discussion Tab.    Team_Discussion

The following are posts you need to submit on the Team Discussion page:

Beginning to segment the RPV:

Finished Segmenting RPV and Awaiting Review:




After Receiving a Pass:



The mentor reviewing your PV/RPV will also utilize the Team Discussion Tab in response to your posts:



images (9)Weekly Roll Call

The weekly roll call is another form of communication. Submit this post on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  It assists in monitoring which students are active, progress, and those having problems.  You will post in the Newbies/Greenies Chatroom. 

      Progress: (Example: Segmented pv1 awaiting review).

Issues: (If you have any issues, such as, have not had a response from my  mentor/tutor in over 4 days. The issues can be any problems or questions that you have) 

Viki ID:  Be sure to post your viki ID if different from the ID on this site.


 Please include your PV/RPV  link when you post your request for a review.  The following are the links for the request for review for each specific video:   PV1         PV2        RPV1         RPV2     RPV3     RPV4       RPV5

The mentor will reply to your post on the PV/RPV request page that the mentor is reviewing your video.  After the review is complete, the mentor will post in the reply the review is complete and the mentor will pm you with guidance to improve your video or to inform you the video received a pass.  Once you made the corrections to your video, post again on the PV/RPV request review. Please do not reply to the original post, post a new request on the page.



To request your pv1 (practice video) please use this link:  pv1

The only other video you should have to request is the Grad Videos.  The following are links to request PV/RPVs(Practice Videos/Real Project Videos).

PV1, PV2, RPV1, RPV2, RPV3, RPV4, RPV5, Grad Videos.


If you have any questions or problems, please post them in Newbies/Greenies Chatroom or PM RoxieHar or tishafi.


Welcome to Seg 101!






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