Graduation Criteria



Seg 101 Criteria For Graduation Videos

The graduation panel will look at submitted videos for three things. In sync timing (Section 3). The subtitles are on the screen long enough to be easily read (Section 1). And that the video is clear of flashing or empty segments (Section 2).

1. Voiced segments (dialogue boxes for subtitles/lyrics/signage)

  • After the actual ending of a dialogue, it is encouraged  to extend the segment for 2 counts (1.0/1.5 seconds) after the last word is spoken.  This adds length to the segment and provides the viewers time to read the subtitles.
  • Sounds which have a meaning, are segmented as voice segments; e.g. “Hmmm, Ah, Oh, aegoo, aigoo, etc
  • Avoid short and choppy segments.  Combine segments when possible.
  • Short texts like “resignation letter”, text on cell phones, signs of buildings and things that may be of importance for the viewer to know as part of the flow of the drama should be given voiced segments.
  • Two speakers in segment is permitted when the response is short or when segmented the segment flashes by. When the speech overlaps with another, and/or the language is rapid and hard to separate. 

2.  Gap /blank space

  • Gap or blank space are for areas where there is no one speaking, pauses in dialogue, or for sounds which don’t have a special meaning, e.g. (This includes background noises, e.g. TV, and low level conversations which are difficult distinguish).
  • Songs in general is done as a no voice/blank space unless the lyrics are being subtitled.  Please check the channel rules and guidelines for the channel you are segmenting on.  Follow the guidelines and rules of the channel for segmenting songs. When there are no guidelines or channel rules concerning the songs, it will be your decision to segment or not segment the song. 
  •  Avoid Short or Flash Gaps. These are gaps that are less than 2 counts (1.0/1.5 seconds).  This includes segments that are not merged completely resulting in the subtitle box to flash.

 3.  Timing

  • Segments should be cut in sync with the first sound of the speaker. Minor deviations from 0.1  seconds will be tolerated though are strongly discouraged.
  • There should not be a pattern of continuous early segments.
  • No Late Segments.

images (6)Please Note:

The end viewer is always utmost in the mind of the graduation panel. When cutting videos the craft of the segmenter is twofold. First, a segmenter is providing a location for the subtitles to appear on the screen for the viewer. Second, a segmenter is doing this in the least distracting way. Consistent early starts are irritating to the viewer because the viewer begins searching for who will be speaking those lines instead of enjoying the drama. Late starts are equally distracting because the viewer wonders if any subtitles exist for this set of lines, searching for what was said.