Key Protocols

learn the system



1. Read all the Topics related to segmenting, as well as, Segmenter 101 Project rules for newbies. 


2.  Segmenter 101 Training Program is not instantaneous.  Newbies take an average of 1 to 3 months to graduate. The duration of training will vary from individual to individual. It depends on how regular you are in doing your Practice Videos (PV) and Real Project Video (RPV) assignments. 


3. The tutors and mentors are all volunteers. APART from coaching students, they are actively segmenting drama/movies and or are channel managers, moderators, translators, editors, uploaders, or subbers. Therefore, we need to know how dedicated you are in completing the Segmenter101 Training Program. We do not want to waste these volunteers time and effort in coaching you.

4. During your training period, you are not allowed to volunteer to segment any channel without the Segmenter 101 Project management’s permission.


5.  Do check for regular updates on the The Segmenter 101 Project’s Main page on viki. We may have announcements that are important to update everyone in Segmenter 101.


6.  Please be informed that we have a waiting list of newbies (prospective students), waiting to be admitted. If at any time, you wish to give up, or you no longer are serious, and /or you are on the cut-list, we will admit new students in your place.


7.  If at any time, you feel that this is not working out, you need to talk to someone, you may message  tishafi, mihaelagh, and/or Seg 101 Staff with your concerns.

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