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A voiced segment is a segment cut for a considered line/dialogue(person speaking), hardsub or text.voiced_segment

A space/gap is a blank space or gap between segments where considered line/dialogue is not heard or not hardsub or text appeared.


A hardsub or text can be a written text, signage, SMS or poster that is shown on video screen that contains important information that needs to be translated.
Hardsub  SIGNTEXT 

A subtitle box is the transparent box that appears on video screen when a segment is cut.

This is the vertical green line that acts as a cursor and guide in determining the timing of each segment.

This is the color of the segments being cut. The lines indicate the time at which the tool will move from segment to segment. When active, these lines can be adjusted to change the timing of a segment.




The waveform depicts the sounds from the video. Some videos will not have this accompanying feature to assist in laying the segments. For these videos the tool will only have a timeline reference at the bottom of the segmenting tool.


A segment is called synchronized (also called in sync) if the voice is heard or the hardsubs appeared simultaneously with the subtitle box. A series of continuous segments is called synchronized if the initial voice of a considered line/dialogue is heard or hardsubs/text appeared where the green line is at the latter half of the gold line.

A segment is considered “early” when the subtitle box appears prior to the voice of considered line/dialogue (person speaking) or the appearance of the hardsub/text. If the initial voice is heard after the green line already passes the gold line, that is early.



Continuous Segments




A segment is considered “late” when the voice of considered line/dialogue (person speaking) is heard or the hardsub appears prior to the subtitle box. If the initial voice is heard before the green line passes the gold line, that is late. If the initial voice is heard when you pause the video at which the green line is on the gold line, that is late.late  

A voiced segment that contains more than the allowed considered line or dialogue, thus needs to be cut in order for the other lines to be viewed separately. This is to avoid having too many lines appeared on screen once.

A segment that is followed by a space or gap that appears on the screen too quickly to read. The segment will be extend for 2 counts (1.0/1.5 seconds) after the last word is spoken. This allows more time for the viewer to read the subtitles.

These are gaps in between segments that has less than the minimum time ( gap should be at least  2 counts (1.0/1.5 seconds)) allowed in a gap.  As a result, a flash or blink effect occurs in between 2 subtitles. For the purpose of reducing the number of segments ‘flashing’ back onto the screen when the gap is too large for the tool to flow from on subtitle to the next.