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  • RoxieHar

    selvieaakgi rpv4 reviewed 1/20
    0:33:22 late. The hardsub appears prior to the beginning of the segment.

    0:33:24 Merge/combine this segment with the one that follow. That way you have the shortsegment is combined with the other segment.

    0:33:31 Merge/combine with the segment that follows.

    0:33:40 late. Although the hardsub appears exactly on the beginning of the segment, the green line has to pass the gold line for the subtitle to appear.

    0:33:44 merge/combine.

    0:34:00 merge/combine with segment that follows.

  • RoxieHar

    schizoar09 rpv4 review 1/24

    0:01:30 split. Split after the writing is not seen on the screen. Unless you are including the hm, I think it here it means yes then split at that point.

    0:01:38 late When cutting hardsubbed (HS) videos, follow the hs even though it appears slightly early prior to the actor speaking. If the hs appears after the actor speaks, follow the voice. In this segment, the hs appears prior to the segment and this segment should actually start when he say da or doc.

    0:01:52 late hs appears prior to the subtitle box.

    0:01:54 split. I would split this because you have 3 hs in a segment.It may be too lines. Sometimes I cut one hardsub and it turns out to be a paragraph. This is just precautionary on my part.

    0:01:59 Extend end of segment for 2 counts. It was slightly short. You may have to close the gap. 0:02:02 is late by one click.

    0:02:05 late. In the pic it shows the has. After this hs a long one appears. I replayed this over and over. I think the short one is the
    hm and the longer hs is for the rest. I would move the beginning of the segment to the left.

    0:02:15 late. The hs appears prior to the subtitle box. If you activate the segment, the green line has not passed the gold line so it is
    not in the area that subtitle box appears.

    0:03:05 There is nohs for this segment. I would delete this segment move the beginning of the segment with the hs to cover the area of the
    segment you deleted. If you leave it like it is, most likely the subber will ignore it or put br in that box. Covering with the segment with the hs the
    subber may put, Hey, what..the rest of what she says. Some will say delete the segment because it is universal..I will try to voice it. The choice is yours.

    0:03:09 Late. It is about ½ click late. You will see the slight flash of the hs prior to the subtitle box appearing. Moving it makes it slightly early, which is
    better than late.

    0:03:13 late. The hs changes exactly on the beginning of the segment. This makes it late because the subtitles will not change.

    0:03:11 Move the end of the segment to include the next hs. It seems to flow better if you move the end of the segment.

    0:03:38 late. Hs appears exactly on the beginning of the segment. Also split..he say something, then she does..split after she speaks and the next hs appears. Having all four responses in a segment is 4 lines, which is too long.

  • Rocsanna

    Reviewed Schizoar09’s RPV4 – 02/01/2016


    I reviewed your RPV4 this time around and I am here with the info.

    This was the link:

    I am lucky :))) In the meantime, the video has been subbed so I don’t have to struggle to figure out how best to combine and split the segments, you can watch it for yourself and see if there are ways to make it better.

    Don’t adjust it now in terms of combines. For one thing, it’s very good as it is, and if you wanted to improve it (since that is always possible, when we don’t speak the language we’re segging in) you would have to move the subs as well and it would be too much of a headache.

    Your extensions are very good, there is no flashing, no small gaps, no overly long segments. As you can see (now that it has subs) some segs could have been combined, to make the subs stay on screen longer and be more comfortable to read, but in Chinese we all flip out and cut cut cut, because we’re afraid subs might turn out to be huge and cover up the screen.

    The thing you can and should improve is the timing. I didn’t review before your adjustments, so I don’t know if it shifted or not.

    At the end of every segment you can hear the voice from the next one. If you pause on the line you can also hear voice there. Since there are the hardsubs, you can also see those on the start line or before it (so the subs would not be appearing in time).

    If you have hardsubs, there are 2 possibilities:

    1. Hardsubs are either synchronized to voice or late, compared to voice.

    That means you first hear voice and then see the HS. In this case, we cut to voice, our subs appear on screen and the audience is not bothered by what goes on behind them (the HS changing) because they don’t see it.

    2. Hardsubs are slightly early – then you synchronize to HS – because you have the HS showing up, if you cut to voice, your subs appear after the HS and they create something similar to flashing, two sets of subs going on and off and it can be very distracting. If you synch to HS, your subs will appear slightly earlier than the voice and they will cover up what goes on behind them.

    If the HS is waaay off, just let it go, ignore it – you can’t have subs early by a full second or more. But I ave never seen that happen.

    In your part, the HS are generally on time or slightly late, so that means you synchronize to voice, because it comes first.

    Your segments seem to be generally late 0.1 pretty much from start to finish, so if they sound ok to you and you don’t hear anything at the end of the previous segment or if you play/pause on the line, then it could be the browser or something of the kind.

    Look at the first 3 minutes of segs, if you don’t see them as late, we will talk about it then. If you do notice the lates then adjust the whole part, from start to finish and let us know so that you can move on to the next video.