Shortcut Keys

segment efficiently!

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Segmenting requires not only precision but also speed. For aired channels where the process of subtitling is done faster than the other drama channels, being able to segment with quality and efficiently requires the segmenter to utilize the shortcut keys available. Segmenting with the use of mouse compared to segmenting using the shortcut keys, the latter have proven to provide more accurate cuts.



← / →Move back / forward by 1 sec
Shift + ← / Shift + →Move back / forward by 0.1 sec
P or FPlay or Pause
TabMove to next segment and plays the segment
Shift + TabMove to previous segment and plays the segment

Adjust Segment

SSelect segment
RReplay selected segment
Ctrl + ← / →Move start time earlier/later by 0.1 sec
Ctrl + ↓ / ↑Move end time earlier/later by 0.1 sec
DelDelete selected segment

Create Segment

SpacebarOpen new segment or Close segment
Shift + SpacebarClose segment and open new segment at the same time