Cutting Edge Crew

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The Cutting Edge Crew Staff Chart               





Co-Managersmihaelagh, tishafi
Grad Panelmint0017, mihaelagh, tishafi, auroratasya. cgwm808, honnas, marykarmelina, RoxieHar, yolswels091,
Moderators Amitiara, auroratasya, dramalover78, gesti_lagi, honnas, marykarmelina, RoxieHar, yolswels091,
Video Managers marykarmelina, mihaelagh tishafi, RoxieHar
Registration marykarmelina
Webpage Committeehonnas, mihaelagh, RoxieHar, tishafi, yolswels091,
FBI Special Agentstishafi, Kuyurmi, narin78, steffioana26, ukepoet
Newsletter Teamauroratasya, gesti_lagi




Staff Responsibilities

The main responsibility of the staff is to assist in the smooth operation of  Seg 101. This enhances the students, mentors/tutors, and the staff experience with the Seg 101 family.


Please be prompt in responding to requests from students, mentors/tutors, and other staff members.  Delays can hinder progress.  Delays can result in forgetting the request or the request can be buried under more requests.


Communication is a key area in Seg 101.  Challenges, frustrations, concerns, or any problems that are encountered, please contact tishafi, mihaelagh, or mint. They will assist in resolving the issue(s).


Evolution is the means of survival. This applies to Seg 101 also.  New methods, ideas of improvement or change, or anything you believe would help Seg 101 please inform mint, tishafi, or mihaelagh.  There are numerous challenges Seg 101 faces so fresh ideas are welcomed.