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The Cutting Edge Crew Staff Chart               





Co-Managersmihaelagh, tishafi
Grad Panelmint0017, mihaelagh, tishafi, auroratasya. cgwm808, honnas, marykarmelina, RoxieHar, yolswels091,
Moderators Amitiara, auroratasya, dramalover78, gesti_lagi, honnas, marykarmelina, RoxieHar, yolswels091,
Video Managers marykarmelina, mihaelagh tishafi, RoxieHar
Registration marykarmelina
Webpage Committeehonnas, mihaelagh, RoxieHar, tishafi, yolswels091,
FBI Special Agentstishafi, Kuyurmi, narin78, steffioana26, ukepoet
Newsletter Teamauroratasya, gesti_lagi




Staff Responsibilities

The main responsibility of the staff is to assist in the smooth operation of  Seg 101. This enhances the students, mentors/tutors, and the staff experience with the Seg 101 family.


Please be prompt in responding to requests from students, mentors/tutors, and other staff members.  Delays can hinder progress.  Delays can result in forgetting the request or the request can be buried under more requests.


Communication is a key area in Seg 101.  Challenges, frustrations, concerns, or any problems that are encountered, please contact tishafi, mihaelagh, or mint. They will assist in resolving the issue(s).


Evolution is the means of survival. This applies to Seg 101 also.  New methods, ideas of improvement or change, or anything you believe would help Seg 101 please inform mint, tishafi, or mihaelagh.  There are numerous challenges Seg 101 faces so fresh ideas are welcomed.

  • tishafiツ

    Lunna1675 is a Mod

  • mihaelagh

    I read the chart and I wanted to let you know that jumon is no longer on viki. She suddenly deleted her account and no one knows anything about her.

    • RoxieHar

      Thank you mihaelagh. Sorry to hear that happened.

    • tishafiツ

      Awe, I’m sorry to hear this, I hope she comes back

      • mihaelagh

        Yeah, I hope so too.

  • Kuyurmi

    I can accept one student at the moment.

    • RoxieHar

      Thank you Kuyurmi!

      • tishafi

        Roxie, Lunna1675 is a Mod

  • bjohnsonwong

    Hi Roxie,
    Active. Will accept 2 students. Have one that just dropped out. I’ll PM you details.

    • RoxieHar

      Thank you for the update bjohnsonwong.

  • Maria Chacón

    Hi! dear mentors (Roxiehar, Maryk) =D
    Viki ID: Philar02
    I’m currently “available” on SEG 101 Project!
    I can take 1 student at the moment.
    PS: Now I have a student who has finished the programme and she’s currently working on “extra videos” to increase segments.=D

    Thank you for your amazing work! =P

    • RoxieHar

      Thank you Philar for the update 🙂

  • Mint

    Good work ^^ Roxie .. our cool communicate section I love it…

  • mint

    ROx I still cannot read my message in viki so far.

    • RoxieHar

      Mine are a mess too mint.I can read some, others i can’t. We can’t assign videos either. The manage channel is missing. Tish posted on the main page about the problems to let everyone know. Actually, I think if the message is newly compose you can read it. If it is a reply the new response does not show.

  • kitty100

    Hi! kitty100, active. I can accept another student. Currently have 2 students (1st student working on her grad video, 2nd student on pv2).

    • RoxieHar

      You sure can kitty! Thank you 🙂

  • RoxieHar

    themonsterasiatico review 9/8
    0:02:25.2 early

    0:03:11 early. The next segment is early also, 0:03:14

    0:03:20 Split. Enough length for the speakers to be in a separate segment.

    0:04:00 early. Also, split. The pause is the reason I would split. The segment after you split (the one that follows the pause) count two and end the segment. Delete new segment for gap. The next segment is early. There is 4 counts or more to the beginning of the next segment.

    0:04:06 I replayed this a few times. I would split this segment then combine the new segment with the last segment. Doesn’t the words seem to flow together. With acting I think pauses are significant…..saying something …..pause…..then revealing something. A lot of times when we include the pause to make one segment, we take away the impact that was intended. So when there is a pause try to determine if the actor is catching his breath or he wants to delay the line. Just my thoughts on pauses.

  • Marykarmelina ღ

    elisaxbeth PV2

    Extend this 1st segment until the next one starts
    0:00:46 a bit late — CTRL + LEFT ARROW ONCE
    0:01:31 DELETE that segment. It’s part of the drama credits.
    0:02:06 a bit late — CTRL + LEFT ARROW ONCE
    0:02:35 Try to avoid getting mini gaps between segments.

    0:02:38 a bit late — CTRL + LEFT ARROW ONCE
    0:03:06 a bit late — CTRL + LEFT ARROW ONCE
    0:03:24 a bit late — CTRL + LEFT ARROW ONCE
    0:03:36 merge it with 0:03:37. Only one segment
    0:04:49 a bit late — CTRL + LEFT ARROW ONCE
    0:05:23 extend it until the next segment starts