Request RPV2



  • Carol Wilson Holaday

    I’m requesting my RPV2. My Viki ID is Joysprite, my mentor is Tishafi, and I have QC status.

    • RoxieHar

      Hi Joysprite,
      I just checked this video. To segment the part, click the switch to html5 player. The flashplayer is not working. The link should be set for html5 player.

      Sorry for the delay, I couldn’t add segmenters.

      Take care


      • Carol Wilson Holaday

        It’s only one in a host of issues on Viki this week. My Viki mail comes and goes at will, and sometimes I can get to subtitles, sometimes I can’t… Hopefully the drama gremlins will go away soon.

        • RoxieHar

          I hope so. The issues have made it very challenging for everyone!

  • Sarah Marie

    Hi! I’m requesting my RPV2. My Viki ID is smarie12, my mentor is IceHurt, and I have QC status.

    • RoxieHar
      • Marie

        Is it the whole video, or just a fragment? Just making sure 🙂

        • RoxieHar

          You segment part 4 of the epidsode. On the RPV1 you did, the episodes were not split into parts. That is why it was why you were assigned the first 10 minutes of the episode. On this drama for RPV2 the episodes are split into parts. I can assign the whole part to a student.

          • Marie

            Oh! Sorry! I didn’t notice that was part 4, I thought it was a whole video hehe ^^

  • mihaelagh

    Hi Roxie,

    I’m requesting a RPV2 for my student 2ndmaleleadsyndrome. She’s not a QC.

  • bjohnsonwong

    Hi Roxie, I’m requesting a RPV2 for eukleia. She is a QC. Thank you.

  • Theresia Yuliana

    Hi Roxie,

    I’m requesting my RPV2.
    My viki ID is pooh_gede.
    My mentor is gesti_lagi.
    I have QC status.

    Thank you…

  • walg29

    I am requesting my RPV2
    My viki ID is walter_casa
    My mentor is: lunna1675
    I’m QC.

  • fireball38

    I am requesting my RPV2
    My viki id is fireball38
    My mentor is tishafi
    I do not QC

  • yolswels

    requesting rpv2 video for blue123
    not QC

  • dramalover78

    Requesting RPV 2 for itsnotsohard2. Not a QC.

  • bjohnsonwong

    Hi Roxie. Requesting RPV2 for maouaout
    He is a QC.
    thank you,

  • Moaz

    I am requesting my PRV2.

    My viki ID: Moaz

    My mentor is: cgwm808

    I am QC.

  • honnas

    Requesting RPV2 for JangMiRose ~honnas

  • Lola Black

    Hi Roxie, I request for RPV2. My Viki ID: lola_black_2. My tutor: gesti_lagi. I am a QC. Thanks you.

  • Joo

    Hi Roxie, I’m requesting my RVP2 viki ID: itsjoo My tutor: yolswels091 and I am a QC. Thanks ^^”

  • Nana

    Hey Roxie! I am requesting my RPV2.
    Viki id: lxnanakitsunexl
    Mentor id: Tishafi
    I am not a QC (yet…) Thanks!

  • Kuyurmi

    Hello!!! Roxie!! I request a RPV2 for my student
    Viki ID jimee
    Mentor Kuyurmi
    She is a QC
    Thank you in advance

  • kitty100

    Hi Roxie,

    I sent you a pm but also requesting it here.
    Requesting RPV2 for deni_aegyo. Is it possible to assign her a part from Raise The Castle? She can access the movie. She’s not a QC yet but she has sent in a request to become one. Hopefully she’ll get it soon.

    • RoxieHar

      That is no problem kitty100 🙂

  • Lalan

    Hi, Roxi..
    I request for my Rpv2…my Mentor is auroratasya…
    I’m already a QC….


    • RoxieHar

      sent a pm with the link to your rpv2 lalan 🙂

  • Roxana Parvan

    Hello Roxie,
    My name is Roxana, and I am requesting my RPV2 here (I already sent you a PM).

    Viki id is: rocsanna,
    Mentor/Tutor ID: yolswels091.
    I am a QC.

    Thank you, have a lovely day!

  • Marykarmelina ღ

    Hi Roxie!
    Can you please assign RPV 2 to Mayra_aryam?

    Viki id is: Mayra_ryam
    Mentor/Tutor ID: MaryK

    Thanks 😀

  • Marykarmelina ღ

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii Roxie,
    Can you please assign a RPV 2 to noha_m_abdeen?

    Viki id is: noha_m_abdeen
    Mentor/Tutor ID: MaryK

    Thank you 🙂

  • Myrtille_06


    I’m requesting my RPV2.My ID is myrtille_6 and my mentor is yolswels091.I’m a QC.


  • Kuyurmi

    would you mind to assign a RPV2 for my student

    Mentor/tutor: Kuyurmi
    She is not a QC

    thanks in advance. 🙂

  • ihate0ni0ns

    Hello, I’m requesting my RPV2.
    Viki ID: ihate0ni0ns
    Mentor: auroratasya
    I’m a QC.

    Thank you 😀

    • RoxieHar

      Here is your link. Please start segmenting from 0:17:57.

      • Tasya May

        Hi Roxie, Tasya here.
        Does she have to seg the whole lot from 17:57 until 53:35? It’s quite long, like more than 30 minutes…..

  • Moaz

    Hello, im requesting my RPV2
    Viki ID: Moaz
    Mentor: cmwg808
    I’m a QC

    I’ve been away for long time and i couldnt access thats why im requesting my RPV2 again

    Thank you.

  • damo_ola

    Hello. I am requesting a RPV2 from a licensed channel please
    viki Id: damo_ola
    mentor : maryk
    I am a QC
    I’m Located in Spain.

    Thank you.

  • kitty100

    Hi, Requesting RPV2 for my student, sara_bom_eonni. She is a QC.
    Thank you! 🙂

  • Dara

    Hi , Im Requesting my RPV2
    Viki id :Thebina153_82
    Mentor: Tishafi
    Im Not A QC
    Im Located in Kosovo
    Thank YOu.

    • RoxieHar

      sent you the link via pm. 🙂

  • mihaelagh

    Hi! I’m requesting a RPV2 for my student lys_barillari.
    She is a QC.

  • kitty100

    Hi, I’m requesting a RPV2 for my student fredericae. She is a QC. Also, I’m send a pm as well.

    Thanks so much! 🙂

    • RoxieHar

      sent the link via pm

  • Bettina Samai

    Hi guys, I’d like to request an RPV2. My Viki ID is bettina_samai, I’m QC. My mentor is Tishafi.

    • RoxieHar

      Hi Bettina,

      I sent you the link to your rpv through the viki mail.

  • kitty100

    Hi Roxie,
    Requesting an RPV2 for themonsterasiatico. He is a QC. Mentors: Roxiehar and Tishafi

  • tishafi

    Requesting RPV1 for kpop_madness
    Not a QC

  • RoxieHar
  • kitty100

    Hi, requesting RPV2 for ytr752. She is a QC. Also, sent pm to Roxie.

  • RoxieHar

    elisaxbeth rpv2 – From 0:00:00 to 0:10:00

  • RoxieHar
  • RoxieHar
  • RoxieHar
  • Rocsanna

    Hi, Roxie!
    Anime! Yay!
    Need one for Lisa, ID: duckeysgirl. She is not yet a QC.

    Thank you!

    • RoxieHar

      Sent lisa a pm with the link. Thanks rox!

  • Rocsanna

    Requesting RPV2 for craigf, who has returned to the world of the living Vikians. :)))

    Not QC yet.

    Thank you!