Steps to Complete



1.  Complete the five Real Project Videos (RPVs).  


2.  If you do not have QC, it may be recommended to you, to segment additional videos to achieve the 2000 segments needed to gain QC.  Without QC it is difficult to access videos to segment after you graduate to gain QC.  Seg 101 recommends obtaining QC prior to graduating (It is your decision, but obtaining QC status is recommended to enable you to access numerous channels for volunteering to segment). 


3.  Request your two Graduation Videos from here.   


4.  After you completed segmenting both of the graduation videos, and you feel they are ready to be reviewed, pm all grad panel members with both of the links to your grad videos.  Request the grad videos be reviewed.  


 5.  After submitting your video links to all the grad panel members, wait for the reviews by the grad panel members. Grad panel members will post their review in the Team Discussion Tab within 5 days. After you have submitted your grad video links to the grad panel members, please do not make changes to the grad videos.  This enables all grad panel members to review the videos equally.   


 6.  Three passes on each grad video are needed to graduate from Seg 101.  

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 The following is a list of the Seg 101 grad panel members:


 mint0017, mihaelagh, tishafi, auroratasya, cgwm808, honnas,

 kitty100, marykarmelina, philar02, RoxieHar,